Fried Mudd, Noosaville

The Fried Mudd Studio, Gallery and Workshop moved their pottery business from Maleny in to a 160 sqm warehouse in Noosaville and identified early that ventilation was going to be a challenge. The industrial unit only had a door and a small window at the front of the building and no possibility for cross ventilation. Even before the two large kilns were installed, the temperature in the mezzanine was unbearable.

We performed a site review and determined that they needed a significantly capable, commercial grade ventilation system and as such, proposed the Solar Whiz SW-RAF10000 – a system capable of moving 10,000 cubic metres of air an hour. It is a solar powered unit, thermostatically triggered and has the option of mains connection to keep it running after the sun goes down. The client opted for this solution, as their kilns routinely fired at night.

The installation was not without it’s challenges, with initial, supply issues, COVID-19 and 1-in-a-hundred year flood event … but the end result was worth the wait, as the warehouse now has a “breeze on demand” and a significantly improved comfort level throughout.

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