Air Conditioning

HinterAir recommend, service and install Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioners which are popular and robust commercial and residential air conditioning products for Australia and New Zealand.

HinterAir also recommend, service and install Samsung Air Conditioners, the brand that is offering consumers a great feature: Integrated wireless technology ... control your air conditioner from your phone, turn it on or off, before you set off for home from work, so you can come home to a nice warm or cool house.

Ventilation for Residential and Commercial

Home Ventilation is of paramount importance, says Troy of Hinter Air, as moisture is drawn into roof spaces from shower and kitchen fans, and can cause allergy-causing mould and mildew. Adequate roof space ventilation does help maintain a dryer atmosphere.

With a Solar Whiz Home Ventilation roof system, roof temperature can be returned close to the outside ambient shade temperature, thus taking all that heat pressure off the home. We service the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas, including Cooroy, Pomona, Cooran, and Gympie.


HinterAir understands that energy prices are continually increasing, which makes natural lighting the perfect way to save on electricity costs, and create a more pleasant internal environment in your home.

The multi award winning Skylight ventilators by EDMONDS allow exhaust air change rates to be driven solely by natural forces, or by natural and mechanical means.

HinterAir recommends, installs, and services these marketing leading brands:

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